Guidelines for Buddies – FAQs

1. What time should I arrive at the court and how do I know what court to go to?

It is expected that buddies are at their court 5 minutes before the game starts. This is especially important if you are buddying ‘No Badge’ (NB) umpires because you will need to advise them on how to check nails and get ready before the game.

To find out what court you are on please check the sign on book. If the umpire that you are buddying hasn’t put the court number down check at the window if it is open or find me or Anna Sheridan.

2. What if the umpire I am buddying has a Stand By (SB)?

If the umpire you are buddying has a SB you are to wait with them at the window until they are either given a game or dismissed. It is especially important that you wait with them in the first few weeks because what to do can be confusing. If they are dismissed, you are free to go.

3. What do I write in their books?

It is recommended that buddies use the ‘sandwich’ method. This means putting one negative comment between two positives.

Although, it is important not to only tell them positives and if you are unable to come up with enough positive comments try constructing the negative differently so it sounds better.

For example, writing ‘could be louder’ instead of ‘not loud enough’ is much more constructive.

The format followed is shown in the image adjacent. Please try and use all of these details because it not only helps the umpire remember what game it was but also can help if there are any complaints.


4. What should I do if my umpire isn’t listening?

If you have tried to address this yourself and it hasn’t worked please find a senior St Ives umpire or the Badging and Buddying Coordinator.

5. What should I do if parents are making inappropriate comments?

If any parent is making the umpire you are buddying feel uncomfortable or distressed please find Badging and Buddying Coordinator or Umpire Convenor. There will also be a KNA senior umpire on the courts around you. Please find them immediately and do not wait until the end of the game. They will be able to quickly resolve the situation.