Grading has taken place.  Grading results and team allocations will be updated in near future. Any new players to the club, please email with preferred playing positions.  This is not required for any player who played for St Ives last year.

Please make contact to if you are unable to attend.  Grading is compulsory and it is in the best interests of the player to trial, as it ensures correct team placements. Grading grids need to be organised a week in advance and all players will be placed into games.



  • Grading days are for players aged between 9 and 17.
  • Attendance at grading is COMPULSORY
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to their start time for warm up and identification
  • Please note players unable to make Grading Day must email prior to grading day.  They will be allocated teams based on our paper grading.
  • In addition, KNA will host a grading day for all 9 year old teams (date to be confirmed) Attendance is compulsory for all 9 year olds and information will be provided by KNA.
  • St Ives Netball Club will allow players who are happy to play in Cadet 3 or below, to form social teams. You must however register as a team with a minimum of 8 players and nominate a manager at the time of registration.

GRADING Feedback

  • Due to the extensive seasonal grading, paper grading and grading day results, the decision by the selectors is final.  If you would like feedback, please contact by 5pm, 3rd March, 2017.