St Ives Netball Club endeavours to provide the most effective grading of players through ongoing season reporting and a final grading day.  To provide us with the most up to date information, it is compulsory for all players 9 years to cadets to attend grading day.

PLAYERS UNABLE TO ATTEND THEIR GRADING SESSION MUST ADVISE THE CLUB 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE GRADING DAY.  A player who does not or cannot attend their grading session will be placed in a team based on paper grading.

Please contact:


Late Registration
Late registrations will only be accepted if there is a vacancy in an appropriate team and at the discretion of the Grading Convenor and Sub-Committee.
If, for whatever reason, we are unable to place a player who registers with the club on or before registration day, we will make every endeavour to find a suitable alternative club for you



  • On Grading Day there will be two Parent Liaison Officers appointed – these are your contact point during grading day. Parents and players should not approach the graders
  • Their role is to coordinate players for each game and to liaise with the Graders when necessary.
  • Grading is a process that is followed by all clubs within Ku-ring-Gai Netball for all players aged 9-17 years.
  • St Ives Netball Club has a structured and rigorous grading process to ensure that each child is graded correctly and fairly. The process is managed by the Grading Sub-Committee which comprises: St Ives Netball Club Grading Co-ordinator / Graders for each age group / Parent Liaison Officer / Club President

Each player will have the opportunity to trial in the positions recommended by their coach from the previous season.  This allows information gathered from 3-4 reports on each player to correlate directly with on court grading.



Understanding of the game

Ranging from knowledge of the rules and court positioning to awareness of space, players, ball and game situations, on-court decision making, timing of movement and pass release, pass selection, creating and play option, “reading” the game, concentration and performance under pressure

Footwork/Movement Skills
Balanced landing and moving, demonstrating good body control, changing direction effectively and appropriately
Ball handling skills – Catching effectively, passing accurately, using a variety of passes in appropriate situations, using more advanced skills such as faking a pass, one hand control and passing from either side

Attacking skills
Moving into or creating space with basic leads, dodges, change of direction, using a variety and/or combination of attacking moves, an awareness of the use of space, shooting action and accuracy, using more advanced skills such as front cut, double dodge, half and full roll

Defending skills
Recovering to three feet, getting hands over the ball, shadowing effectively, effective footwork, body control and positioning, defending from front, side and back, defending the shot, blocking for rebounds, using more advanced skills such as tagging, anticipating and positioning for intercepts, communicating, switching with and covering team mates

Consistent effort and work ethic, especially for those who wish to be considered for higher grades

Sportsmanship and attitude
It is advisable for players new to St Ives but that have played before, to make the club aware of your past playing history. This can be done by either attaching information to your registration form or by sending an email to

  • IMPORTANT: Teams are formed based on player’s ability and required positions in a team eg Team 1 will be formed using the players identified as having the most developed skills in a specific position.
  • Team 2 will be formed using the players identified as having the 2nd most developed skills in a specific position.

Team Announcements
Teams will be made via our website – tbc

Despite the rigour of the process and the best efforts of the Grading Committee, there may be times that a parent/player wishes to lodge an appeal regarding the grading process outcome.

Appeals Process
– All appeals must be received in writing within 2 days of the team lists being posted on the St Ives Netball Club website
-Appeals must be emailed to the Club Secretary
-Appeals will not be discussed over the phone or in person
-All appeals will be acknowledged
-The appeals committee will meet to discuss and decisions will be communicated in writing in a timely manner
-The appeals committee decision will be final

Appeals Committee will consist of Grading Coordinator; at least 2 Grading Committee members; Coaching Coordinator; Club President; Club Vice-President

Players are not eligible for refunds should they deregister due to team placements.