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General Guidelines

  • Umpires need to ‘sign on’ at the KNA table at least 15 minutes before the game
  • Umpires should go to the allocated court and make sure players are not wearing any jewellery and nails are cut short.

Net Set Go Umpiring Rules

  • The initial centre pass will be taken by the team that won the toss. All other centre passes will be taken by the team that did NOT score the last goal.
  • Remember to sound confident, the children are looking to you to help them learn the rules.
  • You will need a whistle and access to a coin to toss at the commencement of the game.
  • Check the appropriate Size 4 ball is ready for use and toss for first centre pass.
  • Dress code for umpires is not strictly enforced however sensible clothing such as a track suit and appropriate footwear is mandatory.