To help us maintain a good standard of equipment for all our teams to use managers should follow the recommendations below:

During the season

  • Bibs are dry when left in plastic bag or kit bag. (to avoid mould appearing on bibs)
  • Regularly empty Bags out of dirt, bark, band aids, rubbish etc.
  • Balls: Do not over inflate balls.   Usual pressure for balls recommended by Gilbert is 9.5 PS.I. (on some balls there is a psi amt written on the ball).  Balls will need checking at regular intervals.  If possible use a lubricant on inflation needle such as silicone glycerine or even a drop of dishwashing liquid. If very dirty after a game give it a wipe over.  Do not kick, stand or sit on them.  It leads to warped netball & broken stitching.  There is an electric pump for all teams to use at the Canoon Rd courts at main building near the umpires check in.
  • Check before leaving training court or Saturday game courts that all equipment is accounted for (saves trying to locate gear at end season).

End of Season


  • The manager is to return both match bag & training bag. Please organise this with the coach of your team.
  • Bibs are to be washed & dried. Checking that all are there.
  • Check you have all the balls that your team started the season with.
  • Wipe all balls over to remove dirt (good jobs for the kids).
  • Mark any balls that have consistently gone flat or have other problems. (Put them in a shopping bag in the kit bag)
  • If bags are dirty give them a quick wipe & shake dirt out of the inside of them.
  • Bags should only have what was given out at beginning of season. Please remove items such as ribbons, drink bottles, papers & team registration sheets.
  • Check you have all items that your team may have used during practice sessions (liaise with your coach) e.g cones, whistles, ladders. Etc.

If there are any equipment issues please contact Stephanie Chan, the St Ives Netball Equipment Coordinator at